Milking Supplies

Milking Supplies 

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Milking Supplies

Price (each)
Brush, Gong Long Handle 

20" Gong, nylon bristles, poly block handle

$ 9.50
Brush, Gong Short Handle 
9" Gong, nylon bristles, poly block handle
$ 7.35
Brush, Inflation Scrubber 8R

Tubing Brush is 8'3" long with white nylon 3/8" bristles. Use with 1/2" tubing. 

$ 5.85
Brush, Hose 78RB 
Brush part is 3" long and overall length is 99" for stanchion hoses
Brush, Pop Bottle

 for 3 Gallon Pail Lid

$ 7.25
Brush, Tubing 70RB-B Cleaning Kit 
Tubing Brush is 8'3" long with white nylon 3/8" bristles. Use with 1/2" tubing. 
$ 12.50
Bucket, Stainless Steel
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel to meet your needs
$ 11.95
9 qt
13 qt
16 qt
Claw, Classic ITP205
Designed for gentle milking of delicate Goats. A milking valve and clawpiece in one.  It automatically controls the vacuum supply to each liner during both milking and washing. As soon as the teat enters the liner, the valves automatically open. Then, when the teat is removed at the end of milking, rapid air intake creates a vacuum in the valve which automatically closes it. When washing, a small lever must be pushed down in order to prevent the valve from closing due to water turbulence.
$ 41.95
Claw, Classic ITP207
Same as the ITP205, but also can be used for Goats & Sheep
$ 49.95
Claw, Vanguard
The Vanguard Milking Claw is for both Sheep & Goats. It is used along with the classic claw with high producing goats and sheep requiring more safeguards against flooding or vacuum problems. The Vanguard's large bowl capacity allows the milk to flow through smoothly, decreases vacuum fluctuation at the teat end and protects against vacuum loss from a dropped unit.
$ 99.95
Concentrated Teagent
CMT (California Mastitis Test) is an excellent method available for finding and detection of mastitis in does. Comes with simple instructions
$ 8.95
Cream Separator
Novo Cream Separator
This innovative cream separator is ideal for people with goats, cows, or sheep on a small farm. The adjustable-speed motor improves the separation process, and all parts of this separator are dishwasher safe.

The continuous-duty rated Novo cream separator will separate 80 liters of milk and cream per hour, and is easy to assemble and use. Whole milk, cream, butter and buttermilk are best when they are fresh, and this new separator will add value to your small farm.
$ 415.95

Cup, Strip 150S 

Aluminum cup is 1/2 pint capacity. 4" diameter. Has stainless steel screen insert.

$ 12.60
Dynamint Udder Cream

An effective, natural udder massage aid ideal for helping reduce udder edema in fresh cows and mastitis flare-up when early detection is possible. Dyna Mint quickly delivers blended oils deep into udder tissue where they get straight to work. Peppermint oil increases circulation, generates heat and reduces swelling. Also provides localized cooling and toning. Calendula oil also helps increase circulation while reducing swelling and bruising. Eucalyptus oil conditions the skin; tea tree oil soothes and disinfects while penetrating deep into the tissue to promote healing. Smooth, light, water-based cream is non-greasy. Gently massage a generous amount into udder as needed. No milk withdrawal. Can be used in conjunction with antibiotic therapy. Available in white, which dries clear, and green, which helps quickly identify treated cows.

$ call

Fight Bac (Deep Valley Farm)
An aerosol teat disinfectant that gives a sanitary, convenient and economical teat disinfectant spray. Apply a brief spray to the end of each teat after milking or treatment. A light blue protective coating
can be seen. Contains chlorhexidine and glycerine to
protect against infection
and maintain good skin
condition.  One can will treat approximately 500 to 600
goats or sheep

Filter, Milk D104 

2 1/4" Disks
300 filters
$ 5.95
Filter, Milk D110
6 1/2" Filters
100 filters
Ideal for milk strainers
Filter, Milk D506
4 9/16" Disks
100 filters

1 gallon jug
is a ready-to-use iodine teat dip that contains foaming agents, glycerine and lanolin. Foam provides superior coverage with less dip by extending the time of contact with the teat and by reducing waste and drippage. Foam-N-Dip tm may be applied with the Ambic Foaming Dip Cup or the new Ambic Power Foamer.Contains .6% Iodine.

Inflations, #300 Silicone

For regular size goats, designed to fit our clear shells


Inflations, #301 Silicone For Nigerian Dwarf goats and sheep. A high quality silicone

$ 11.50
SP-6000 Goat Liner

The SP-6000 Goat Liner is a long lasting silicone liner capable of closing vacuum individually for better milk management. The silicone used in the goat liner is a medical grade silicone. 9 oz.

$  call
California Mastitis Test
One of the best methods available for finding mastitis infections in does. Also locate which udder has the infection. Squirt milk from teat into paddle, add desired amount of reagent & swirl slowly rotating paddle. Immediate gel formation indicates the presence of mastitis. Kit includes written instructions, testing paddle, and pint of concentrated reagent
$  12.85
Ketocheck™ (Great States Animal Health)
20 g
A test material to detect the presence of ketone bodies in milk, urine or plasma of cattle or sheep. Place a small quantity (1-2 g) of powder on plain white surface. Deposit 1-2 drops of milk, urine or plasma onto powder. Read results in 2 minutes, (purple indicates positive reading).
Mastitis Indicators
(Dr. Naylor)
Box of 30
Designed to test cow's milk for signs of mastitis. Simple to use: discard first stream of milk from quarter to be tested. Then hold blotter in slanting position so milk stream will first cover dark area and run down over yellow round area.
Mastoblast ®

A fast, effective treatment for mastitis. Clinically proven to reduce high SCC (Somatic Cell Counts) and repeat Staph Mastitis. NO drug residues, NO milk withdrawal, NO milk down the drain. Can treat individually or whole herd at a rate of 2 cc per head, at each milking for 10 to 20 days, depending on SCC. Spray on nose or mix with drinking water. NOW LABELED FOR SHEEP AND GOATS, TOO! Administer 2 times daily, 1 cc per animal for goats and sheep, 2 cc per for cattle.
$ call
$ call
WIPE OUT® Dairy Wipes (Immucell)

500 Towels per Bucket
The ONE STOP COW PREP® for an effective mastitis management program. Contains the natural antimicrobial Nisin, proven to be effective in killing bacteria on teats. Kills 99% of the leading causes of mastitis (S. Aureus and S. Agalactia).
500 Towels per Refill Bag
PortaSCC Goat Milk Test
8 Test Kit
For early on-farm mastitis detection. This unique, patented product can help dairy goat producers manage their herds and improve milk quality and production
Convenient - no need to wait for lab results
Easy to Use - 3 simple steps
Reliable - ideal for on-farm decision-making Portable - compact & easy to carry
Cost-effective - pays for itself in increased premiums & production
Efficient - one or many tests can be one at a time
40 Test Kit
Cold Weather Powdered Teat Dip
The use of liquid teat dips in cold and windy conditions will cause chapping and freezing of the teat. For this reason a powdered product was developed which contained food grade ingredients and had both bacteriocidal and healing qualities.

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